How We Did

From your point of view, the main RMAST credos are “competitive soccer” and “fun”. Inside the tournament, we also go by the standards of “continual improvement” and “transparent communication”.

After each tournament, we the organizers meet with our referee coordinators, solicit feedback from the City of Boulder field managers, and conduct a post-tourney survey of participants. To give you a sense of how we are doing, below are results from our 2017 tournament survey.

The big picture is excellent:

  • The overall tournament scored a 4.21 on our five-point scale where four = very good and 5 = outstanding.
  • When asked how the tournament compared to other tournaments people had participated in, 67% said “better”, 33% said “the same”, and 0% said “worse”. We are pretty proud to be considered equal or better than all other tournaments – in our first year!

What rated the best with our attendees?

  • The fields at Pleasant View Soccer Complex are outstanding and rated 4.83 out of 5.0.
  • Boulder and Colorado as the host location rated 4.79.
  • The atmosphere of the tournament rated 4.72, which based on the comments is because of having all teams playing at the same complex and the overall tone set by we organizers, “serious but fun”.
  • We were also pleased the organization of the tournament rated 4.50 (1/2 “outstanding” and 1/2 “very good”).

And what do we need to improve on?

  • The referees were by far the biggest area of complaint, rating only 3.28.  For the 2019 tournament, we have increased our involvement with referee selection and provided tournament guidelines to all referees.
  • The beer garden rated 3.52 and the food vendors rated 3.48. For 2019, we have revamped this entirely by scrapping the beer garden and moving instead to a beer exchange party on the fields.
  • In non-survey results, we learned referees issued 23 yellow cards and seven red cards during the 31 games of the tournament. The referees and we feel the yellow cards are fairly normal for competitive play. However, given our focus on fun, recreational soccer the seven red cards are too many.

Overall, we are thrilled with the results and with participant feedback. We invite those of you who did not attend to enjoy Boulder, our outstanding fields, and the positive and fun tournament atmosphere we are striving to create.