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Are you looking for a team on which to play or are you a team manager needing players? This is where you go for your solution. Simply leave a comment below with your information including contact info or search through comments to find players or teams who have already posted. Once you have found a team or your player, please reply to your own comment so people know not to contact you.

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  1. I’m 51 and in great shape for my age. I played last Fall DKSL 0-45 and the last two springs in Broomfield O-40. Excellent defender and good midfielder. Looking at new teams.

  2. Hi, my name is Lee Moseley, I’m 58, in decent shape, can play any position, including Goal Keeper (I have my own equipment). I played college level & high level men’s until 3 years ago, now just Indoor. Looking for a team.

  3. Hey all,

    My name is Evan. I just moved to the Boulder area and I am interested in finding a team to play for in this tournament. I played soccer collegiately and I am in decent shape. Been out of playing for awhile but, can play any position really aside from keeper. I am looking to play in the men’s open division. Shoot me a message if you need a player.
    (414) 305-3771.

  4. Hi my name is Colby, I live in San Antonio Texas i will be traveling to boulder with my dad who is playing in the tournament. I am 18 years old and have played soccer my entire life. I played 4 year varsity soccer in high school and have received a scholarship to play in Nebraska. I would Like to stay in shape and keep my skills up by playing in a MENS OPEN division or open CO-ED division. Please notify me as soon as possible, thank you in advance.

    Phone: 210-744-4753

  5. Hello,
    I just moved to Boulder and am looking to join. I’m in very good shape, played in college and just finished living in Europe.

    I play any position other then goalie and am 34 years old.

    Contact details below:
    Phone: 720 394 1072

  6. My girlfriend (31) and I (38) are looking for a team in the coed open league – we are both advanced players and are very interested in the tournament! She (Brittany) can play all positions except K, I can play all positions including K. Please contact me if you have a spot for us on your roster, thanks!

  7. Looking to find a team to play on. I’m 38 and interested in the Over 40 division. I don’t live in Colorado but my girlfriend and I are looking to find tournament to travel too. My current position that I can play is.. goalkeeper, defense and striker. And I currently still play

  8. Hello! I will be at the tourney with my BF who is playing men’s. I would love to pick up with a coed team (or women’s) if any teams are needing a player. Text or call at 512-784-8562.

  9. Hello,

    just moved to the area, am 40 years old and Looking for an over 40 team to play on. I live in the area, am easy going and can play anywhere except goalie. Would really like to get plugged in to the soccer scene and thought this tourney would be the perfect intro. I promise not to disappoint….

    1. Hi Rick!

      We’re looking for a couple extra players, Glendale Heat Over 40 Division. We’re a great group of guys many of whom have played together for 10-20 years. Please let me know if interested.

  10. Hello,
    My name is Kylie and I’m looking to play for a co-ed or women’s team. I Usually play up front or in the mid. College level experience.

  11. Hi!

    I’m looking to join an adult women’s soccer team. Though it’s been a couple of years since I’ve played recreationally or competitively, I began at the age of 12 and played mid-field for over a decade. I’m in pretty good shape, thanks to my 1 1/2-year-old husky, but would love to join a team and have some fun on the field. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Experienced and competitive women’s goalkeeper looking for a team in need of a Goalkeeper. Been playing GK since I was ten years old. I played two years of Junior College Soccer and then moved on to play in the premier Division of a very competitive women’s soccer league in San Francisco. Also many years experience in Coed and Indoor. You can contact me at

  13. Hello,
    My name is Caleb. I live in Westminster. I’m 18 and looking for more ways where I can continue to play and grow my passion for soccer. I play in a pickup group and sometimes intermural at my college. I can play either right wing, attacking mid or striker.
    Shoot me a text or email:

  14. Hi my name is julio a just move to colorado springs… i come from new York…am looking a place for práctice fútbol … i really like enjoy play and practice…thank you…and Happy New Year

    1. Hi Geoffrey,

      We are not in a position to coordinate and get enough players to form a free agent team. If we had a local player who had 1/2 the players necessary, we would certainly help promote it to others.


  15. Westminster 54 yr old male , good defender, reasonably solid offense and quick for my age. I can cross with either foot. I pl
    ay ultimate disc at the Nationals level, race bicycles and ski. Play in several pickup soccer groups with the teens to the former pros.
    Played several years at dicks winning the rec league 4 times out of 6. Willing to”try out” for a game or two before team commits.
    314 322 3377

  16. Hello Boulder Again!
    I’m ready to play!
    My name is Neal and I’m coming in from Oregon for the tournament ……I just don’t have a team yet 😊
    I’m 54 but play like I’m 36 yrs! I’m a center midfielder but can play any position you need. If you’d like I can bring snacks and buy the first round for the manager and keeper.
    You won’t be disappointed! 😊
    Here’s my cell phone, please text or call.
    Email works too
    Neal Bridgnell
    Portland, Oregon (arriving Friday morning)

  17. 50 year old, still in very good shape; still very good player; still play over 30 and over 40 soccer in Missouri. We almost put a team in from Missouri (St. Louis) but could not manage it in the end, which was a bummer; but I am still planning a family vacation out there in Colorado and would love to join a team. I played in the Kings Cup this past January and had a blast; this Boulder Tournament looks to be at least as much fun. … I can play anywhere on field, although I mostly now play as center back or defensive center mid — but just ‘playing’ at all in the tournament is what is most important! Would love to hear from you if you could use a player. (314) 201-6811

  18. 49 year old Free Agent. Boulder local, run and play in a 40s+ team here. Quality midfield player but can run anywhere on the field. Would love to join a 40 or 48+ team.

    (I also have fellow teamates that are looking if a team needs bodies).



  19. I’d love to join a team for a season, tournament…whatever. Just want to play. I live in Lafayette. Willing to play any position except keeper. Prefer to play midfield or defense. Give me a call if you need a player.

  20. Hello everyone,

    David Martinez here again, still looking for a coed team to compete with. Please contact me at 720-201-1907, I am a local guy who plays competitive coed in Boulder. Easy going, team player, and passionate soccer player/person. Please contact me soon so I may have a chance to get to know the team if local.

    Thank you,


  21. Hey there, I am a 44 yr old player in the area and would love to play in this tourney. Ive played since a child and at all levels. I’ve coach and enjoy the camaraderie. I can play just about anywhere with anyone and on both side of the field.

  22. Hello all,
    My name is Tulio Lopez and I am 45 years old. My summer plans just changed and now I have time to play in this tourney. I am looking for a team in either the over 40 or over 48 division. I can play anywhere in defense or midfield. I’ve been playing since I was 6 years old so have plenty of experience with soccer. If your team is looking for a player, please reach back to me.
    Please email me at or call me at (415) 430-8273.

    1. Hi my name is Eser
      I can play as a goal keeper im 34 years old , I used to play semi pro when i was younger,
      I live in Arvada
      shoot me text at 720-252-7529

  23. Hello,
    My name is Jarly Lopez and I live in New Mexico. I found out about this tournament and the team that I was to play for is full. I am 48 and willing to play on any team 40, 48, Co-ed.
    I play defense and/or midfield on either center left or right.
    I have played college (Fort Lewis Men) and coached for over 30 years… High School Boys as well as select teams Boys/Girls.
    Please email me for an opportunity to play on your team.

    Cell: (505)402-1374

  24. Hello Everyone,
    I am a 30 yr. old local player looking for an opportunity to participate in the tournament. I have experience at the college level, semi-pro level, and had some high quality training/playing experiences I am easy going and always put the team before my individual needs as a player. I have 10+ years experience coaching soccer as well.
    I look forward to hearing from someone and hopefully playing in this beautiful Boulder soccer complex.


  25. My summer vacation plans have changed, and my regular team isn’t playing. I am looking for either a men’s 40+ or coed team to play for. I will play any position but goalie, but prefer midfield. I currently play in Boulder coed leagues both indoor/outdoor all year around, and have been playing all my life. Please reply if you have a spot on your team: tcbarto at gmail dot com

  26. My coed teams aren’t playing in this tournament and I’d like to play. I’m a local, competitive female, 30 years experience. I can play any position but love defense. You can reach me at

  27. Experienced and competitive women’s goalkeeper looking for a team in need of a Goalkeeper. Been playing GK since I was ten years old. I played two years of Junior College Soccer and then moved on to play in the premier Division of a very competitive women’s soccer league in San Francisco. Also many years experience in Coed and Indoor. You can contact me at

  28. Hi my name is Eduardo Ramirez and I am local from Boulder, unfortunately, my team is playing this tournament O48 so looking for O40 team

    Been playing boulder league for the last 7 years at this complex on D1 and O40 teams

    Natural position Central half back or defensive midfielder

    720 340 0527

  29. Hey all. I am looking for a team for this tournament. I am a 30 year old male and live in Boulder. I have played for my entire life and consider myself pretty experienced. In my free time, I coach a youth team and play 3 times a week both indoor and outdoor. I manage/captain an outdoor team however I don’t believe my team wants to play so I am looking for a team to join! I am a fun and easy going person and can show you around Boulder. Thanks!

  30. Hello
    My name is Kayvon and I live in San Diego and am interested in coming out to boulder to play in this tourney but my team isn’t going to make it so I’m looking for an over 48 team that needs a player.
    I usually play in the back or as a winger.
    Let me know if you need a player.

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